Sunday, October 20, 2013

DVD Movie Review #5 Silent Hill Revelation

Hello again and it's time for my next review in time for Halloween. This time I am reviewing the second film in the Silent Hill franchise Silent Hill Revelation. This film takes place years after the first film with the little girl now being a teenager having to change her name to Heather as they are "on the run" and of course trying to make sure that she matches the character in the game they were trying to work on recreate. Of course as an homage to the series many may not have noticed but the father takes the name Harry Mason in order to try and do better.
The movie follows the young girl's adventures trying to solve the mysteries of her birth taking her back to silent hill and of course trying to avoid being killed by twisted monsters or psycho cultists. Of course during this time period Heather also needs to work on a little romance with one of the cultists. Of course I know that romance is the one thing I'm looking for while on the run from monsters and in fear of being sacrificed.
To me the acting was fair yet not award worthy. I do feel as far as makeup was concerned the choice for heather was right on. Below I am including a comparison to the video game see which is which.
Of course in my mind Silent hill is all about the creepy atmosphere and the crazy deformed critters that wander the world eating or just ripping people to shreds. I love some of the scenes where Heather has to confront the horrors the CGI is pretty good on this film and the makeup is very well done to where the critters are quite believable. Take a look at this strange compilation creature below.
The movie overall was a tad disappointing for those like me who were waiting patiently like me. The plot is not really that original and the movie is uneven at times. As a person that is not a fan of the games you would probably not get a lot of the references and at the end may be left a little confused overall by this film and will not be that impressed. As someone that has enjoyed the games I can say that there are plenty of tidbits thrown at fans such as the critter above or the nurses below which are staples of the series. The story mimics the 3rd game on many angles and if you have played that game you will have another good reason to see this film...unless you are like some that hated the 3rd game ;)
Now the last part that I am checking out is the music. I was very disappointed with the laziness of the first Silent hill film with them recycling the soundrack from the 3rd game complete to the end song (which if you played the 3rd game it plays at the opening). This one doesn't seem to be utilizing any additional creativity here with many of the musical pieces being from the same source as the first film. I am glad that they did seek out some original music for the end credits.

The DVD I got had only a behind the scenes featurette but otherwise it is not anything wonderful though I am glad to have such on a normally stripped down edition. In the end I will give this edition and the movie a 7/10.

Now I will leave the fans of one of their favorite Silent Hill baddie and of course the pricing options below :)

Best Used:     $4.98
Best New:     $9.97

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