Friday, October 18, 2013

DVD Movie Review #4 The Gregory Horror Show

Yeah It looks like we are back again for another review. I have finally completed watching the Gregory Horror Show. I've had this on my shelf for a long time but as it is Halloween I have been working on trying to get through things.

The Gregory Horror Show takes place in three separate series and one spin off.  Each of the three volumes has a full season and part of the spin off included. It is a fairly good value for the money involved. This show takes you though a haunted world with a variety of different characters.

The first series follows a man who has been tired of his average depressing life and has wandered into the strange place called "gregory house" to spend the night away from his burden. Things start to twist and turn as one strange and terrible thing happens after another revealing a plot to take his very soul.
The Second season follows a woman who had exchanged everying in life for her career and is having regrets. This series follows along the same wavelength as the first season except it does itself a little more in dept related to the story of what Gregory House is all about
The Third Season takes place on a train with Gregory as the main character trying to find his salvation. This story moves differently as it takes place from his prospective and though it is more comical it has plenty of disturbing aspects that leave you thinking.
Last but not least is the spin off that follows the House's nurse Catherine working in a very demented hospital where more patients die than recover (mainly as Catherine drains them of all their blood). This series is a tad more comical than the others it is a little disturbing but when you have been watching the other stuff it is not so bad.
Overall this series has a very strange and creepy vibe. The Blocky old school computer animation leaves me a little behind overall but it is something that you get used to as you watch the show. The biggest issue I have with the series is that it makes you feel like you are playing an old school game making choices as you go along the way. I also feel that the series doesn't really take itself seriously after a while towards the end and it becomes more of a twisted humor show than a horror show. But as it is this Halloween if you are looking for a cheap but fun ride check this series out.

Rating:     7/10

Used     $23.20
New     $9.99

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