Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DVD Movie Review #3 Upstairs Downstairs Series 2

Here we are again for another review. This time we are doing a part of a series I've been slowly watching called upstairs downstairs. If you like Downton Abby this is the original series that spawned it all. It is a little drier than Downton but the drama is still there and it draws you in considerably as the series goes alone.

Today's review is of series two which takes place between 1908 and 1910. It begins with a wedding and covers multiple social issues having to do with setting up a new household with new servants entering the picture.
The drama continues as the household falls into peril and you ave to watch and see how the romance ends. This series comes together. The intermixing of different households and personalities takes shape as drama unfolds and different characters address issues such as unwanted pregnancy and blackmail.

The series also covers other political view of the day such as the suffragette movement and the difference between involvement by the aristocrats and the regular people. The coverage is very well done it comes together in the end with the death of the king with this season winning an Emmy award.

The series is in full color unlike series one and has shown some improvement in the picture quality. The music is of fair quality not really showing a great deal of variation. Of course picture and music qualities isn't too bad considering it was in the 70s. Of course if you are used to the excitement of Downton this will still take some getting used to. The acting is very well done and very believable I at times was moved by the drama.

The case is nothing special being your average 4 disc set in a regular dvd case. The special features are nice giving you several commentaries and interviews as well as part 2 of a very nice documentary on the making of the show.

Overall this is a quality series and part 2 is an improvement showing the series getting better as it goes. I will give this series a 7/10.

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