Monday, February 24, 2014

DVD Movie Reivew #81 The Day the World Ended

Hello yet again and we are reviewing the cult classic the Day world Ended by our friend Roger Corman. I really like Roger Cormans Crazy struff and this of course was given as a gift by a friend who feels it amusing to give me bad movies.

This story starts in the post apocalyptic future not long after the bombs had gone off. We watch a family in a sheltered Valley with a proud sea captain, his daughter and the man he trusts with her safety. They are joined by a sleazy guy and girl on the run, a prospector and a guy that has been severely infected by radiation slowly becoming less human. They must learn to survive in this harsh world before they end up killing each other.

This film is a lot deeper than one would expect. This shows the conflicting personalities in a cabin fever type scenario as some slowly become more insane and others try to take power with the few remaining supplies. The Music isn't anything to talk about but it does carry the point across and the acting is surprisingly good and convincing for this type of series. There is suspense that slowly builds and it had held my attention for much of it.

In the end this is still a Roger Corman production and the crappy makeup and effects show this. I also have to wonder about the story overall about the creatures that become stronger than steel yet are killed by something common and easy to get hold of. Some of the sitting around scenes can get a tad boring and you would need to invest yourself to get the full enjoyment out of this. If I had approached this with any expectations I am sure that I would have been disappointed.

In the end this isn't too bad a movie and easily exceeded my no expectations.

Rating:     6/10

This is a two movie pack and is pretty cheap to get hold of.

Used:     $5.40
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