Saturday, February 22, 2014

DVD Movie Review #79 The Andy Griffith Show Season Six

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Well we are back again with another wonderful DVD movie review. As I work my way slowly through the Andy Griffith show I keep stumbling on revelations that i never had though of before. I think that my view of the series had been very different up until now and I'm sure it will change again before the end as I am staggering through season seven of the series.

This is the first season of the series done entirely in color. We have a few new characters introduced and some old ones that leave us. We have some continued work on the romance between Andy and Miss Krump and a story line that takes Andy Aunt Bee and Ope to Hollywood. We say farewell to Barney who only makes three appearances this season as he has moved on else where. We get to see more limited appearances from Otis and a new Deputy for Andy to replace Barney. We also finally get to see the end of our favorite English Butler and the zany Earnest T. Bass.

I don't fully understand how people can consider this far and above a worse season than five. The color adds a novel aspect to the series letting us see the little town in a new depth. The episodes where Barney returns are very well written earning the series some Emmies. I also did enjoy the Hollywood arc i was short and not as enjoyable as the I love Lucy Hollywood arc yet It felt good watching them go into a different setting. The humor remains the same and the stories do retain some good lessons.
This is the only season with this character he didn't make the cut

This season does have some down points. I really don't care as much for the new deputy character as he was trying a bit too hard to replace Barney. I also really miss the characters of Barney and Otis feeling that they added more to the series and their reduced appearances do bother me a bit. In the end the show does still have some dated ethics to it as well having one episode showing how women need to let men be better than they are in order to placate their egos (that story wouldn't fly today).

In the end this season is a downgrade but still worth watching so my journey into the series continues along.

Rating:  5/10

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