Monday, February 3, 2014

DVD Movie Review #65 The Lemon Grove Kids

Hello and again we are back with an oddly similar review to the last one. This was a moviestop pickup for their buy one get one sale so 2 movies for $2.99 isn't that bad. This was a curious piece that I picked up again for the cover. You know after this and the last one I have to wonder if this is a good process.

This is the story of a gang of kids and a strange assortment of young adults that hang around the lemon grove street neighborhood. They go around getting into various adventures getting into gang fights, fighting aliens, monsters and vampires even attempting to act (though this part is pretty poorly done). The story is set up in three 20ish minute episodes.

This has some interesting comedy to it that is indicative of the time period this was released in. It does draw the attention with appropriate music and interesting makeup. The plot lines are out there and can actually be somewhat funny in an odd sort of way.

I feel that this movie has the entertainment value of taking a few hits of LSD and sitting in front of the clothes dryer yet not the type that allows you to see the laundry cycling inside. The series as a whole is horrible. I find myself wondering at times what the purpose of this is. Who are the lemon grove kids? Why do they do the odd things they do? Why did this get made? Well this kind of has the feel of someone getting a tripod going to their friends and saying "hey guys lets all run around and act silly then we can market it as a movie". I figure that must be how they wrote the plot as it all seems improvised or if they actually had the audacity to write a script for it the person writing it did it as a joke never intending for it to actually see print. I'm sure the guy was watching this and said "they actually performed this script? but it was meant to be a joke?"

I must say that I got my $1.50 worth but not a penny more.

Raging:  4/10

This is a dvd copy of the series tough I am unaware of other versions floating around.

Used:     $5.61  Amazon Marketplace
New:     $4.99  Ebay

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