Saturday, February 15, 2014

DVD Movie Review #72 The Blob

Hello and welcome to anther edition of my classic and wonderful movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the original version of The Blob. This movie is a horror classic and when Barnes and Nobles did their 50% off sale I had to get this Blue Ray restored version.

Two teens are enjoying a nice retreat to kiss and watch the starts when they see a meteor fall to earth. In that meteor is a strange blob that latched on to the hand of an old man who meets with the kids. They take the thing in the town and it goes on a murderous rampage killing and eating all in its way and growing ever larger each time. Can the town survive the wrath of the Blob?

Ok well you know this should be the down side as it is corny as all get out but by god the theme song has to be the best part of this film! I mean it is ridiculously light and happy for a supposed horror film. In all fairness the effects for its time were actually pretty darn good. I thought this would be a bit realistic but I was surprised by the quality. The acting was also very well done with Steve McQueen in the lead role. I really thought this was worth my time. The Music (excluding the theme song) was actually well done. The plot itself for a monster film from the 50s was pretty suspenseful. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

I have never been that happy with how they like to put people in their twenties (late twenties in the case of McQueen.) I would think at least they could find some 18 year olds if they didn't want to use real teens as this kind of hurts the film's viability. The slightly corny nature of this film is also a down point but at the same time it endears it.

This is actually a pretty fun film for all to view.

Rating:    8/10

Oh and for your viewing excellence please enjoy my first attempt at video inclusion with the fun theme song!

This is the Criterion Blue Ray version of the film. You might do well to wait for the next Barnes and Nobles film.

Used:     $20.00   Ebay

New:     $23.14

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