Saturday, February 8, 2014

DVD Movie Review #66 Fairy Tail Volume 8

Hello again and I bring you the next in a series of reviews from my lovely DVD collection. This time I am covering the 8th installment of the Fairy Tail series. This is of course a continued must in my collection. I enjoy this series and unfortunately it is a long one so I am in it for the total haul. For any collecting this particular series waiting at times can be a benefit.

This volume wraps up the Edolas Storyline so if you don't have volume 7 I would probably get that one first. You get to see the final climactic fight in this volume between the Fairy Tail Members and the twisted king of Edolas. Will They save their captured friends? Find out in this volume of the series.

Fairy Tail is as always nice and colorful to look at with the animation being quite well done. The Plot line was well written and will have you interested from start to finish (I ended up clearing this in one setting). The music is fine for the current set of episodes and appropriate but not much more to add on this from volume 7.

Again similar problems here to volume 7 with the slight issue on the art style. Other than that I wasn't very impressed with the new opener and ended up skipping it most of the way through.

Rating:   8/10

This is the Blue Ray DVD combo pack that Funmation has been putting out in 12-13 episode chunks.

Used:   $112.40
New:    $32.99

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