Sunday, February 2, 2014

DVD Movie Review #64 Seed People

Hello and yet again I am here reviewing the odd and distasteful.  This review is for the Movie Seed People. I saw the cover at a 7-11 and I couldn't help myself but purchase this. My bad movie attraction is very sad. Well I guess there is something to be said about something that you buy just for the cover.

The movie follows a scientist going back to his home town where a comet reportedly fell in native american times. Something strange is going on with the citizens of this town as they are acting strangely wooden. There are also odd sightings of odd creatures and plants in the creepy orchard. Most disturbing of all the crazy doctor living in town gets even crazier wandering around with florescent lights on his head and brandishing a pistol at people. What is going on? Will they survive?

Well this is a pretty standard crafted pod people type horror film. For the budget the monsters are fairly well done and the ending has a little bit of a twist to it. The characters have a little bit of a strange feel to them thought he doc character is quite entertaining. The music was appropriate for what is being watched.

Well I really can't say much good about the movie. It really wasn't bad enough for me to feel that it was really funny. Matter of fact it was a tad boring at times. It kind of had a poor man's critters vib to it. The acting was terrible and the special effects were kind of bargain basement level. The worst part was the full predictability of the plot allowing you to fully guess everything that is going to happen even from the very beginning. This may need another viewing for me to get the full effect but I need a little time before that...

In the end this is your standard monster movie no major plot or acting fun.

Rating:  5/10

Well this is the DVD I picked up at 7-11 for $5 so you don't expect much though there is a making of feature that is fairly fun.

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