Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #71 Billy Madison

Hello again and welcome back to my DVD movie reviews. This is one having to do with the movie Billy Madison. This is one I saw a long time ago but hadn't felt like buying due to the expense. But when I saw a $5 two pack with Happy Gilmore I had to spring for it.

This movie follows Billy Madison a Special Needs kid of a hotel tycoon. Billy was supposed to inherit the business from his father but his father is having second thoughts. I mean a Special Needs kid set at the top of a Hotel Empire? Well instead he decides that he should give it to the most evil kid he can find which doesn't set well with Billy. So Billy (who can't even understand basic math) decides he will set out to graduate school one grade at a time and if he can do it he will manage to win the company and prove he's as good as all the other kids.

This movie has some strange comedy that I had found unique on watching it. I thought the penguin chasing scene was fun and the concept was quite original. I am not very sure weather I will be making it may number one film but the concept is a fun watch.

The rest of this film is pretty bad. I felt anyone watching this as their first Adam Sandler film would say this guy is about as good at acting as a sign post is at doing the waltz. The main character is not likable at all yet neither is the antagonist so you really have no one to cheer for in this adventure. The movie is needlessly silly at times and the plot though slightly enjoyable is not exactly well written. This film would make the Water Boy movie seem like a classic piece of literature.

In the end this can be enjoyable but for that you really got to slum it a little.

Rating:  5/10

The version I have of this is the cheap walmart version of the two movie set.

Used:     $4.03     Ebay

New:     $7.23     Ebay

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