Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #70 Happy Gillmore

Hello again and we are back with the next DVD movie review. This time we are reviewing Happy Gillmore. I had been considering getting the two pack with Billy Madison but I couldn't really justify getting it for the price. Then I saw this cheap version of the same set sitting in the $5 bin at Walmart. I liked both of those movies but not above $5 good.

Happy is a guy who always wanted to be a Hockey player the only problem is well...he sucks. He does however have one heck of a powerful swing and a powerful temper to match it. Happy had to stay with his Grandmother due to his father dying and his mother running off. Well now Happy's grown up and the bank is repossessing his Grandmother's home. Happy has found a way to make the money but its doing something he personally hates...playing golf. Can the foul mouthed bad tempered joe everybody make it in the golfing world?

This movie is a classic. Actually it makes me feel a bit old that this is a classic. It also makes me feel old that Adam Sandler was in his 30s when this movie was made. This movie is a great comedy showing fun raunchy humor that is reminiscent of Caddyshack. The makeup and that effects in this are ok and the acting is what you would expect in this sort of picture. The music is fun and fits the mood.

I really enjoy have to admit this is base humor and it isn't really fit for most people. This is one of those Adam Sandler pictures that you heard about when someone would say "oh god not another of those stupid Adam Sandler films". To me there is a strange madness in these films that is a turn off to most though to me it is a point of interest. I mean including a strange midget and a one eyed alligator? This movie doesn't really test much of his acting ability either. This in reality is no Punch Drunk Love.

In the end this is a fun raunchy comedy for most to be able to enjoy.

Rating:   7/10

The version I have of this is the cheap walmart version of the two movie set.

Used:     $4.03     Ebay

New:     $7.23     Ebay

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