Monday, February 10, 2014

DVD Movie Review #68 Revolutionary Girl Utena the Student Council Saga

Hello again this welcome to the home of the best collection reviews around...well maybe not...but anyway here we are again with this choice Revolutionary Girl Utena the Student Council Saga. This is a special edition that had really caught my eye with the color coordination and the art design. Utena is considered an essential in the anime world and for this it is a must to watch.

Utena was a young girl distraught with grief for the loss of her parents. A Prince comes in and eases her pain giving her a special ring. Is it an engagement ring? Well Utena gains inspiration from the prince dedicating herself to being a prince herself dressing and acting like a young man in order to show her prince how good of a prince she can be. Unfortunately for her the school that the prince supposedly came from comes with a very complex and deadly game of dueling that our young prince to be is dragged into with the prize being Anthy the Rose Bride. Thus we start the story of Utena learning how to love a girl as only a Prince can.

This is a pretty vibrant series holding up to the test of time (sadly 90s anime are pretty old these days I feel old!). The animation style is reasonably smooth and the backgrounds are well drawn. The music is well done with a very appropriate opener and closer. I really enjoy watching the opener each time I get into an episode. The characters are reasonably built and you can get into them pretty well. The voice acting in the english dub is appropriate and is very good for each of the characters.

The art forms are a bit lanky which is a tad sad for me but is a staple of many of the more girl oriented anime. I would be happier with deeper characters though they do elaborate some feel more two dimensional. The animal mascot they used for this series is also very annoying taking food whenever the critter gets it even when the characters are meaning to eat the food. I am a bit uncertain as to the complexity of the overall plot yet.

I am enjoying this series thus far and am looking forward to part two.

Rating:  7/10

This is the Rightstuf Limited Edition release of the first storyline it comes with a nice artbook and beautifully illustrated box.

Used:     $28.99  Amazon Marketplace
New:     $27.91

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