Sunday, February 2, 2014

DVD Movie Review #63 Voltron Volume 6

Hello and welcome yet again to another of my DVD movie reviews. This time I am reviewing Voltron. I don't exactly know why I wanted this so bad but there is a part of me (the collector side) that drives me to obtain important shows and movies for my collection. Voltron was one of the foundation shows for anime in america. I didn't watch it all that much as a Kid but I did manage to buy up the whole thing at a pretty good price.

Volume Six of the series starts thins up with a new group of heroes and a new version of Voltron. Gone are the robotic lions and the group of planet defenders and here comes the nifty vehicles and space explorer version. This group is going through space trying to find a new world as the earth's population has gotten to high to fit on earth or other federation worlds. Unfortunately another nation is seeking to also find worlds to populate placing them at competition. Unfortunately for the bad guys the good guys have the invincible Voltron on their side.

The animation for this series isn't too bad for the time. They did a pretty good job restoring the sound and having the transfer to the DVD format. There are plot points in the film that can be quite deep at times and even a little bit enjoyable. The action is ever present and is ever ready for those who like to pump it up. The Voice acting is ok but the shining point is having the voice of optimus prime as the commander :)

I really feel that the plot is uneven. At one moment the two rival factions are at each other's throats, at the next they are trying to work together. Sometimes the peace process is real and at other times the process is a fake out by the bad guys. There are also plot jumps between episodes leaving you feel like you've missed something important. The animation is jerky and the characters are kind of lame. I feel that the show is very episodically and predictable with the Voltron fights being pretty much identical each time. The voice acting is pretty poor overall with some shining points (see above).

In the end I have to wonder at this series

Rating:   5/10

The version I got of this is one of the special box sets that was available. They are no longer the metal sets but they are still pretty nice.

Used:     $17.51    Amazon Marketplace
New:     $16.98    Ebay

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