Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DVD Movie Review #69 Boa Vs. Python

Hello and Welcome back again to another of my movie reviews. I am looking today at Boa vs. Python thanks to a friend that feels that it is entertaining to get me very bad films as gifts for birthday and Christmas. I must admit this could have been worse but not much so.

Enter the wold of the big game hunter bent on killing the deadliest of creatures. The Giant Python from deep in the jungle. We have our rich man who comes up and arranges for hunts of the big and nasty with his sexy girlfriend bug texas game hunter and a contract killer. Unfortunately their prey got away before it could reach the hunting ground and they gotta catch it. Well they have competition from the government that has hired a dolphin scientist and a Strange looking Boa Constrictor (yest a boa constrictor) to hunt down and take out the rogue snake.

I am really a bad movie fan and this is a laughably bad movie. I mean there is so much wrong with this movie that laughing at it is the only positive that I can really nail on it.

This movie has a lot wrong with it. The acting is at best laughable the characters are a tad cheesy and the plot is terrible. I have to wonder if anyone knew anything about snakes when they made this film. I mean they have a boa constrictor sounding like a squeaky toy! Not only that the premise is that they are utilizing supposedly deadly boa constrictor venom to be the wold's use all end all anti-venom...I will not even try to mention the mating scene...well ok I did but I won't go into details.

If you like to watch movies about snakes getting it on then I can probably recommend this movie.

Rating:    3/10

I obtained the DVD release that I presume the only one is.

Used:    $3.96    Fye.com

New:     $6.28  Half.com

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