Sunday, February 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #74 Priest

Hello yet again I am back with another of my fine DVD movie reviews. Please be sure to share this with your friends if you like it. This is a movie that I've been interested in in a while and finally got it during a Black Friday Sale quite cheap.

This movie takes place in a rather bleak future were vampires and humans were at arms against one another fighting for hundreds of years. Oddly enough the humans managed to develop super humans called Priests who were able to turn the tide. Of course the Church didn't want them to keep that power after the war and banished them into obscurity. Now after many years the vampires are resurfacing again and the church is unwilling to admit to it.  Now it is up to a rogue preist to seek out and take out the evil vampires once again.

This movie is quite creative. I really enjoyed this particular film's effects making it look every part of a dark future. The plot crafting showed some creativity in the scope of the future and the unusual crafting of the vampires their familiars and the other aspects. This also has every bit of the action that should satisfy most of the sci-fi action nuts out there.

Well the movie could really benefit from acting. I really Like Paul Betany but the acting he showed in this reminded me of Keanu Reeves. This particular film really didn't show much in an overall interesting plot. The characters are not terribly likable and one has to wonder if they tried to cobble this together to supplement the Legion movie release which had better plot but was much more boring.

In the end this is a harmless action ride but don't expect anything special.

Rating:  6/10

This is the plane blu ray copy of the movie.

Used:     $5.99
New:     $8.34

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