Sunday, February 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #73 Family Guy Volume 11

Well here we are again with another review. This time we are going over Family Guy Volume 11. I enjoyed this series and when Fox Connect had their Black Friday Sale with this being under $10 I had to add it to my collection. This one has a few good episodes including a few time traveling ones and of course another massive chicken battle.

This volume is of course not that different from the last volume not even being a full season but has a few fun episodes including the next chicken fight and an interesting Tea Party episode. I am not sure what else to say in summary of this volume that is different from the rest.

I feel it is well animated noting that the colors do seem to have made an improvement over the last volume. The humor has pretty much the same take it or leave it feel to it. It is a nice break to have an episode here and there to make us laugh.

Again the same issues are abound in this volume and the political issues are very much abound in the Tea Party Episode. I think at times they try too hard for the humor to make it funny. This series also has points that are quite raunchy and at times possibly offensive to anyone that is taking it too serious and this can be a turn off as well as a good point.

In the end weather you are watching this or south park you will need to take this one episode at a time.

Rating:  7/10

I have this on the standard DVD release.

Used:     $12.72   Amazon Marketplace
New:     $13.47   Ebay

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