Sunday, February 9, 2014

DVD Movie Review #67 Gentlemen Broncos

Hello and yet again I am back with another DVD movie review. This time we are up to the Movie Gentlemen Broncos. I saw this preview while watching another movie and said to myself this would be fun. Then when I was at Big Lots on a whim and then I saw it in the $3 bin. Well I had to get it and now I've finally gotten to watch it.

This story follows a home school child going through financial difficulties due to the loss of his father (a duck dynasty type guy). The mother is a slightly out of touch with reality making popcorn balls in different shapes and sizes along with her out of touch clothing line that she hopes to one day make it big on. Well the home school kid fancies himself a great writer and has written a piece that his is a tribute to his father with strange interest in yeast and weaponized deer. He goes to a writing conference with some other home school kids and gets to meet his favorite writer who then takes his story for his own. Well that's what's covered in the trailer hope you enjoy the rest.

I thought this film was very much entertaining. The imagination of this hidden indie jem is to be commended. The ludicrous story that they are fighting over is entertaining to view due to its absurdity. The writing was well done and with a plot that was very entertaining not having quite the dull feel that many indie comedies have. The main character is likable and the cast itself is fairly entertaining. The makeup is pretty good and the effect though cheesy are a good match for the film.

This film does have some pretty interesting down points. The main one is the ensemble. I like the main character but the other characters are pretty bad to the point where I would like to strangle them. I felt like the mother was annoying and his so called friends were beyond irritating. The antagonist is very fun but I feel he is trying waaay too hard to be Alan Rickman. The other aspects are not very great but at the same time I feel that they fit the movie such as the effects.

In the end this is a delightful and fun comedy for all.

Rating:   7/10

I have the regular DVD release of this found at Big lots well that should tell you the story.

Used:     $3.98    Ebay
New:     $7.97    Ebay

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