Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DVD Movie review #83 Thankskilling 3

Hello again and we are back with another movie review. This review is to highlight the best of all movie magic that we call Thankskilling 3. I saw this listed when I was trying to help an individual "unhoard" and I had to get this. I mean I love the original and this movie was so good it skipped the sequel.

This movie shows Turkie and his family finally deciding he needs to reclaim some of his power so he needs to obtain a copy of Thankskilling 2 which apparently is considered the worst movie ever made. Working to destroy the movie is a group of puppets including a worm an anal robot and a Muppet reject that has been looking for her mind they are using the pluckmaster to help with destroying the video once and for all. 

I enjoyed this film. It was not only bad but it was funny bad which is the intent so in the end the bad stuff has to be thrown out the window when it is meant to be bad. The puppets used were creative and the commentary on this was very fun. The story is creative and how bad and raunchy this is definitely an exercise in creativity. 

Well this is a cheap piece of crap by any other standard. The puppets are terrible looking for the most parts with many being just stuffed and plastic animals on sticks that are flown about. The plot is odd to say the least and the music is done off of a keyboard without any other standard. In the end this is a bad film and don't look at it any other way. 

Rating:    7/10

This is the only dvd release and yes it is a region 0. 

Used:     $11.26

New:     $13.68   Amazon Marketplace

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