Monday, February 17, 2014

DVD Movie Review #76 The Killing

Hello Again we are back again with another of my wonderful DVD Movie reviews. This time I am looking through Kubriks the Killing. This film is criterion and an essential so during Barnes & Nobles sale and this one appeared to be scratched on arrival so I had to prioritize it.

This movie follows a bunch of individuals who have slight mob connections when it comes to the booking end of the race track. They decide that it would be best to rob the track in order to strike it rich. They plan the job but little do they know many factors appear to be lined up against them.

This movie was well crafted as you would expect from the director. The plot line is every bit the typical heist movies that we have learned to grow to love. The characters are well crafted and acted and the makeup is well done for the plot. The movie will have you on the edge of your seat with crafting that any crime thriller can be.

This thriller is very very dark and may not be for everyone. The acting is in line with most movies from the time period. I feel that many of the characters are not that different from the other movies of that time. I don't know why but the swooning females of that time do annoy me at times. Otherwise though I can't really knock this well crafted piece of film quality.

Rating:  8/10

I have the criterion Blu Ray of this film.

Used:    $22.99
New:   $23.53

Well I am planning from this point out to start putting up film trailers at the end so don't run out just yet?

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