Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DVD Movie Review #77 Hellraiser IV

Hello and we are back with another in the line of up movie reviews. Today we review the movie Hellraiser IV. This movie came in a large $5 movie pack with all the Prophecy Movies and all the Hellraiser movies other than the first two which I found a marvelous deal.

This point in the series takes place in the year 2127 where a man who is descended of the individual who made the original puzzle box that summoned the evil demons in the first place. He hopes to utilize his new contraption to not only trap but to destroy the demons once and for all.

This movie is an odd setting but taking place in a time where most horror types wanted to try their hand at being in space and in the future. You know how to have robots and stuff deal with the evil critters that we had to work with in the late 80s and early 90s. This movie had introduced computer animated effects to the mix and this became quite different and interesting. I also enjoyed having the origin of the puzzle box explained to me in the movie.

Well lets just say that even though computer animated effects are in the movie they weren't that good. The acting really wasn't that wonderful and the makeup though not bad really didn't hold par with the other movies in the series. Of course the last bit of this is that we could have explained the origin of the puzzle box without having to go to space with a strange plot to do so.

In the end this is a strange but interesting twist into the series.

Rating:  6/10

Again as in the above this is the 11 movie pack I had gotten at walmart the big issue is it is a stacker so I wonder about the long health of the discs.

Used:     $3.82    Half.com
New:     $6.97    Walmart

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