Sunday, February 23, 2014

DVD Movie Review #80 High School of the Dead

Here we are again with another DVD movie review. I have really hoped to get this for a long time but was unwilling to do so due to the price. I like horror shows and wanted to see an anime that was based on Horror type zombie films. I also was hoping that I could have an anime that I could watch with my girlfriend as she loves the horror genre. Of course with this and the OVA came up on 12 Days of Anime I had to go for it. In this review I will also cover the OVA as it was only 15 minutes and it is just an extension of the main story. Both Prices and pictures will be included below.

This story starts with a sad break between childhood friends due to the female friend choosing another guy to fall with. This doesn't last long as a rather sick man shows up at the school gates and bites a teacher leading to the start of the zombie apocalypse and Japan being overrun. The remaining teens fight for survival with sadistic teachers and manic students.

The OVA follows them on a brief story to a supposed deserted island while they get high on leaves and make out.

Ok lets start with the good. There really is a good story here. I love the walking dead and many of the characters in this have the same level of depth as they do. I feel that the zombie aspect is very good lending to a very entertaining fight for survival. I like the characters for the most part as they make a good team and the action is very fast paced. The colors are nice and the animation is great. The music is well picked I love the opening theme and the rotate the end themes pretty rapidly making for some fun variety for the J-Pop lover.

This story has some major detractors to it. I like fan service as much as the next guy and for a horror type I can enjoy the occasional Panty Shot. This unfortunately goes waaaay past that taking at time whole episodes with the women playing around naked or near naked and utilizing every opportunity to show off the female character's bodies with bouncy breasts and over inundating ourselves with panty shot afater shot. This takes away from the tone of the series making it confusing at times weather this is a ecchi comedy series or a horror series. I feel that this took away from the series majorly as will be reflected in my rating. I will tell you if it had gone along without this detractor my rating would be an 8 if that will give any indication.

This series is a fun series for horror lovers that love to have their sexy girly soft porn included.

Rating:  5/10

The editions I have are the blu ray ones and I will include both pictures for you with the series on the top and the OVA on the bottom

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