Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Retrospective on Glee

Hello, normally I do reviews and sometimes I do other things as well and after this weeks episode I was struck by nostalgia for a show that I never really got all that into...glee. ***There are lots of spoilers here so if you don't want them then don't read***

I remember five years ago I had heard about this show and I had also spends a lot of time in my youth in various choirs and glee clubs. I was also considered a freak and loser in school so I was naturally was drawn to this show. I was quickly drawn in by the series as it had a super strong start introducing the quirky characters and the strong rival character that was played by Jane Lynch.

The show quickly fell in quality starting in the first half of season 1 and bottoming out in the abysmal season two. Yet through it all the continued synergy that was the New Directions kept drawing me back episode after episode. Culminating in the graduation and first nationals win of season 3.

This is where the show should have ended yet it decided to struggle on with an odd uneven season for with less memorable characters and lack of full rich story as the story lines were split between the high school and New York City. This split didn't give us the character development needed and of course left us without any real attachment to the new kids leaving us feeling empty with the strange end to season 4 not even allowing the class to finish out the year.

The end of season 4 brought us the end to Brittany and of course my favorite character in the series Lord Tubbington who had the most personality that season. Season 4 tried to focus all story in New York and the writing for the High school stories was wrought by some sort of strange psychosis that I believe was mushroom induced.

Of course over the summer we lost Finn...I was kind of sad at the loss not for the character but for what he represented in the show which lead us to the uneven season 5 with old wounds reopened that had been closed since season 3 and the same strange two world split with New Direction's survival depending on Nationals.

Sadly the Glee club didn't win and yes they are no longer and entity and this was driven home by episodes 100 and 101 where they managed to bring back the cast and work hard at tying up all the loose ends that were left from the past problems. The latest group graduated and we left the choir room and sang Don't stop believing one last touching time.

This is a fitting end to the series yet sadly this is not the end...shoot this isn't even the end of the season. They are placing their bets on the strong original cast taking the series entirely to New York for their last hurrah and one more season. I find this as a sad way to conclude the series but I don't run things here. In the end I feel it was a shaky 5 years but one that I will hold onto farewell glee you didn't deserve the sad crap to follow you now that you have been put to rest.

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