Sunday, March 9, 2014

DVD Movie review #87 Scorched

Hello again I hope that you are all well and we are back again for another wonderful Movie review. Today I am writing about the Movie Scorched with John Cleese and Woody Harrelson. I saw this movie with the grand as it was purchased by a friend at the Dollar Tree. I have been jealous as I haven't been able to find it there since. I did finally find it and the Grand in a buy one get one sale at Moviestop and got it for $1.50 used. This was worth it and makes me want to collect al of Woody's movies.

This movie follows a group of people working at the Desert bank. All is not well under the calm exterior as there are some seriously disgruntled employees. Add in three different bank heists several revenge plots and a useless guy looking for a job and you have our movie.

I really enjoyed this film when I watched it originally. The characters are fun and the story is very entertaining. I felt that the plot was had a subtle complexity that made it worth being a fan of. I also felt that the character interactions with the different mini plots with the mixing will be worth while. The desert climate and the different settings like the mansion and the desert tent were neat locations for the shoot. The acting was not bad though not academy award winning.

The music in this was waaaay too loud. I would be enjoying the movie then have my ears blasted off then when they started to talk again I'd have to pump the volume up to hear them. They needed better sound mixing in this area. As far as other detractors I thought this was plain and simple and didn't have too much major taking away in the end.

I feel this is a nice comedic piece and definitely worth seeing as a hidden gem.

Rating:  7/10

The version I have is the 2004 dvd release which is the cheaper of the two known releases.

Used:     $4.00
New:     $8.94     Amazon Marketplaxe

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