Sunday, March 16, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 3/16/14

Hello all, Many of you know me for my DVD reviews and some of my early readers know me for my political issues. This time as a collector I will show you a glimpse into my purchasing. I will try and give an update after I either go on a shopping trip or as a mail order comes in. I will probably hold off until I get a number of them. This will be a glimpse into the life of a DVD addict. I know I started my long collector habit when I was working in a dangerous area for about 6 years of my life. There were lots of gun shots and the only option I had for going out was the local bar where again guns were worn out in the open. I ended up staying in and watching movies and as I used to be a collector (comics at that time) I got into the habit of enjoying owning DVDs there is a nice edge to it and I will try to explain my motivations for purchase during each glimpse.

To those of you who follow my reviews don't necessarily look for any of these soon. My reviews follow me watching the DVD or Blue Ray and this can come at a delay. Of course my reviews are actually in a backlog as well for instance I just reviewed the movie 23:59 but it is I believe review #104 and I am still publishing the ones in the late 80s early 90s right now. I can say though that if you see one of them here it will need to be watched and then after that will be reviewed.

This time I am showing an Amazon order from DVDMan he is also an avid collector and I can trust in the quality of the goods he provides. 
We start with one that actually came to me new in the purchase which was Sleepless in Seattle. I've loved this film and it is a shame as a collector that this was not in my collection. I got this for a low price at around $5 and the performance is will worth the buy. This film is probably the one of the essential romance films along with others such as when Harry Met Sally. I am really looking forward to seeing them again.
This is what got me into buying in this order in the first place. I just recently got the Ultimate Stooges collection and this is a good compliment. Supposedly the ultimate collection has some of the cartoons and this has all of them. I like that they were all voiced by the stooges and this will become a quick priority as it is used and I am really really looking forward to seeing this one.

I must say this and the other purchase were impulse buys though this one is probably the least of the two as I have the other two american Ring films and this is supposedly the conclusion. My collector's mentality is very much out there and in full swing here. I just hope that this isn't a poor purchase like the Grudge 3.
 I have watched this one already. This one was pure impulse as I like Magnet films and this is on eof those that just drew me in and then it was also $5. I was curious and it is sad to say this wasn't the best of buys. Still I don't see this everywhere so This isn't too terrible.

Well that's the end for now I hope that you guys have enjoyed this and I will continue to add as I have new stuff to bring up :)

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