Saturday, March 15, 2014

DVD Movie review #91 Wagnaria 2

Hello again and welcome to another edition of my DVD movie reviews. This time I put up the series Wagnaria 2. This is a series I really enjoyed watching it when it was just a fan sub called Working! When NIS America released it as one of their flagship titles I was on board pretty quickly. It took multiple years before the second part came on board and now they have improved their releases with no more quirks and pretty blu-ray to boot.

Wagnaria is an anime series that centers around a family restaurant called....Wagnaria. The series follows an interesting group of characters that work their each with their own little quirks such as the character that only likes small things or one of the characters that always carries a samurai sword with her. This season continues where the first left off and continues to explore the relationship between two of the lead characters but for the most part just enjoys itself at a leisurely pace.

I really enjoyed this series all the way through to the end. The Blue Ray adds to the wonderful colors and nice animation that fits the series well. The characters are entertaining and the voice acting fits the characters very well. The stories are well written and for anyone that has been in that type of employment it has an extra charm. You get to meet a few more fun characters that are great additions to the cast. The opening theme though not as good as the first season is still light and fun. The ending theme is hands down better than the first season.

Well though I am used to it I feel Japanese voices are Annoying! NIS does not allow for english dub track so this can grate on me if I am not ready for it. I also was kind of disappointed that it didn't work more on the romantic relationship with two of the main characters that was more prevalent in the first series. This series felt a little...unfinished.

This is a fun series and it should definitely be checked out.

Raging:   7/10

This is the Blue Ray Premium set from NIS America. They makes some fun sets you gotta love em.

New:     $47.99

Used:    No Used

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