Sunday, March 30, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 3/30/14

Hello again and welcome to another update on what DVDs I have gathered throughout. This time I have managed to obtain a number of mailed items as I am addicted to Amazon for deals. I will throw out some wonderful things that I have managed to come up with through the week.
3/29/14 20 Feet from Stardom: This was the winner of the Best Documentary this year and it was very cheap on blu ray ($13) I want to keep adding to my Blue Ray oscar winning collection and hopefully keep up with the continued recent winners. Matter of fact I hope one day to collect all the winning films (still a work in progress). This is one of the documentaries that I wasn't able to watch and for that matter it won (I feel that the winner of this award is kept from public audiences as the academy likes to hide its good works).  I very much look forward to seeing this one.
3/25/14  Action Packed Double Feature The Barbarians & The Norseman:  This is something that I found per chance when I was working through some of my old favorites and found this which finally gives me a chance to drop Barbarians on my pre-recorded VHS and now I can have it for my own. My father loved the Barbarian brothers and this translated to me liking them. Sadly their work was small and didn't translate to DVD. I am still hoping for Think Big to come out. Now as for the Norseman well lets just see...
3/28/14 Don't Drink the Water:  I am a Woody Allen Collector and after watching the documentary on his film making career it started me back into converting the chinese cheap copies that I originally got back when I was looking for quantity and not quality in my collection. This one is one of two that was $3 on and this is very sad as a lot of them tend to go out of print quickly and ratchet up prices. (Just try and get What's up Tiger Lily or What's new Pussy Cat). I actually liked this version much better than the original theatrical version that was done and look forward to seeing it again.
3/28/14 The Front:  Ok read the above to get the explanation of purchase. This one is one I don't remember that well and hope that it will be a good experience. I admit seeing the high prices on previously less expensive movies.
3/29/14 Golgo 13 Queen Bee:  I got the more recent series of this thinking it was the original and as this is an icon of classic anime I had to get it. This is the sequel to Golgo 13: The Professional which I also have on order. This one was such a high priority that I went ahead and watched it already. (Review Pending)

3/28/14 The Piano: $4 and and Oscar winner this is a wining combination. It is sad that the DVD version of this at one time was going for around $150 due to its rarity. I know this is a necessity and I am hoping that this will be as good as I have heard.

Well that's it for now I hope you all enjoy your week!

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