Sunday, March 23, 2014

DVD Movie Review #96 Andy Griffith Show Season 7

Hello again and we are back with another of our fun movie reviews. Today we are doing the Andy Griffith Show season 7. This continues my trudging into the series. I am almost through it with one season to go making my 2 year trek almost complete. Yay only 30 more episodes to go!

This season is the second color season of the series. We continue to explore Andy's friendship with the county clerk and have two visits from Barney Fife making that the major highlight in the show. We bid goodby to Otis the Darlings and Floyd the Barber this season. It feels like the entire cast is leaving us...

This series manages to hold up well with the same humor that had made the series. I feel that this series did peak in season 4 but still I really do still enjoy each episode. The series is well written and if you enjoyed the rest of the show you will enjoy this season.

This series really did peak at season 4 and went downhill from there. The characters that we have known to love have been disappearing slowly from the view and the writing can be a tad repetitive. I also feel that Andy's character had become more abrasive this season more easily angered and ready to punish others that made him upset.

In the end this is still a good series and I will continue for one more romp to Mayberry.

Rating:  6/10

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