Monday, March 17, 2014

DVD Movie Review #94 God the Devil and Bob

Hello again and I am back with another fun DVD movie review. This is for a TV series called God the Devil and Bob. This series was given to a friend of mine by his brother who had found religion and had decided to get rid of it. He watched it and talked it up to me which lead to me finding this gem at Movie Stop for $5 and enjoying the find.

God is pretty darn tired of this world and is pretty sure he needs to scrap it all and start over again. He decides to give humanity one more chance and gives the Devil the shot to pick the human that the world will depend on. The Devil picks Bob, a Detroit auto worker who likes to kick back with the rest of them. Will Bob show God that humanity has worth or will it be that God does destroy the world and have to start over.

This series is a fun little series which is well worth the $5 that was spent on it. The plot line is fairly original kind of reminding me a little of the book of Job but otherwise is pretty well original. The portrayals of god and the devil are very fun and I enjoy both being done to the length that they are performed. Even Kevin Bacon joins in for the last episode. The voice acting is well done and I believe it when I see it. The Music is appropriate for the series and It is overall enjoyable.

The animation is pretty rough so it reminds me of a lot of stuff going at the time. The series was also not deemed good enough to go through with another season. I had to wonder at times with Bob as a character as he would continuously cycle from pretty poor student to guy who really wants to be good. It is a sad thing overall. In the end we can see that they could have used the budget increase that a second season would bring.

In the end this is a fun and cheap series to enjoy by all.

Rating:   7/10

This series comes in a cheap thin 2 disc DVD set.

Used:    $5.37 

New:     $18.08  Amazon Marketplace

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