Sunday, March 23, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 3/23/14

Hello again this one took a little time to go into production as I started off getting something and I really didn't want to update for just a few things so I figured I'd wait will I had a minimum of 4 Items. I will, however put in the dates I received the items in question.

Frozen 3/18/14:  This is a must buy for any Disney fan. This one I watched right before the oscars and of course didn't realize that it would be as big a winner as it was. (Please see my Oscar Predictions to see how terrible my guesses are.) This film was still quite a gem and if anything could beat The Wind Rises this was the one to do it. On top of things it also has one of the best songs that really in my mind deserved the win despite the academy giving the finger to Nelson Mandela and U2. This is a must add to any collection and Blue Ray is the way to go.This was purchased on Pre-order from and is well worth it for the 50% off price.  I will be watching this copy tonight! :)

Eden Log 3/20/14: This is one of 6 movies for $6 that I got at moviestop as a part of a one day promotion. I had found three movies I really wanted that were $1 and I ended up getting three others due to it being buy one get one. This movie is one of the ones that I didn't initially want but at the same time it defiantly peaked my interest. This film looks to be a sort of Bioshock type with a supposed underground city and its odd and mysterious end. I am looking forward to watching this today.

The Fear 3/20/14: This is not the version I have but I could not find a picture of it. It has the same cover minus the gold series collectors edition on it yet it comes in a yellow case which made it look interesting. This is something that looks like I will enjoy. I have discovered it has a sequel and hope that I will not be trapped in buying that and instead enjoy getting hold of it. This film is one of those that utilizes the main character's greatest fears against them.

Freakshow 3/20/14: This cover was hard to find which makes this version likely hard to find. The "banned in 43 countries" did appeal to me in getting this one. I am actually looking forward to watching this as it seems to be another one of those freaky horror films and I like strange stuff so this will be a great addition to my collection.

Hell's Angel's 3/20/14: This is a major film in history thrown together by none other than Howard Hughes and wads of money. This was considered a very expensive movie for its time and I have been wanting to see it ever since I heard of its existence. A price tag of $1 makes this irresistible to a collector such as myself.

The Man Who Fell to Earth 3/20/14: This is one of the other must buys. I never thought about it but this also was released on really expensive criterion. This is also David Bowie's first movie experience. This film was considered quite important and I believe the soundtrack is also acclaimed as unbelievable cool. I have been a Bowie fan since high school and continue to want to see more of his work.

Tree of Palme 3/20/14: This movie is the last of the three that I had been interested in. It looks like a rather interesting anime movie in the spirit of those like Akira and from the same director. I have looked at the description and animation pics on the back and am genuinely interested. I hope that this turns out well.

Fairy Tail Part 10 3/22/14: This is not an impulse buy but this is related to my OCD nature. I have to keep collecting this series as it comes out. These long series tend to build up otherwise as I had thought about waiting for a price drop on Naruto previously and it just didn't pan out. This series is light and fun and very addictive. If you like series like One Piece, Naruto or Slayers you will like this anime. I am personally looking forward to more with the one of the characters being brought back from the dead so to speak. This came from which I usually buy my anime from and this is a pre-order.

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