Friday, March 14, 2014

DVD Movie Review #90: The Big Bang Theory Season 2

Hello again and we are back with yet another in my line of reviews. This time I am reviewing the second season of Big Bang Theory. I had been wanting to see this series for a long time and ended up buying it in a nice little 5 season block. I really enjoy this series and have a hard time stopping once I start.

This season we get to look more into the relationship between Penny and or group of favorite geeks. We get to see some interesting rivalries and even relationships. Of course we get to enjoy our regular antics and even get to see a famous person or two. 

This season has the same fun as the first season but I feel now they are past a slightly bumpy start and it has been smooth sailing throughout the season. I feel the cast interaction in a series such as this really does make the series run well. As this series goes on I have to disagree with the whole idea that the series makes fun of nerds. I feel that most of the characters (minus Sheldon) are very good and enjoyable. The series is quite addictive and I find myself running though it at light speed. 

Well this series does have a few mild annoyances such as Sheldon. He's a character that makes the series yet he annoys the heck out of you. I actually do feel otherwise that this series doesn't have a large downside. 

In the end give this series a try it is a great one. 

Rating:  8/10

Used:     $6.97
New:    13.87

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