Monday, March 24, 2014

DVD Movie Review #97 Big Bang Theory Season 3

Hello again and we are back with another of my wonderful DVD movie reviews. This time I am covering the third season of Big Bang theory. Again I got this series as a bundle and I feel it was and forever will be a good buy and a fun show to watch with my girlfriend.

This season continued with Leonard and Penny in their relationship full swing and how it effects the group dynamic. This also works towards changing things as the group gets to do things such as meet Stan Lee and fun into a host of new characters.

This season is as fun as the last two. I like the comedy that is utilized as it doesn't really get old. The relationship changes with the group are very good for the series as a whole I must admit that the relationship between between Penny and Leonard is one of the better writing points in this season. I also feel that the acting remains top notch.

Well humor wise there isn't anything new here. The same types of gags with only a slight twist to them. If you are looking for something different here then you should go elsewhere.

In the end more of the same with a slight tightening of the group dynamic.

Rating:  7/10

This is the standard DVD version

Used:    $12.96

New:     $13.87

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