Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DVD Movie review #110 Frozen

Hello again and welcome back to another one of my wonderful movie reviews. This time I am covering the oscar winner Frozen. This movie was really something that I wanted to see as soon as I heard of it and I wasn't disappointed so naturally I had to get this from Amazon when it came out and at a nice discount. $16 is great for a Disney mainstream release.
This movie follows two young princesses but one of them has special powers that freeze whatever she touches. She is shunned and put away by her parents isolated and alone for years until she is crowned queen and then goes evil placing the city under an eternal winter. The other princess must melt her sister's heart and find love at the same time in this wonderful disney animated feature.

Who doesn't love a classic Disney adaptation from a dark and terrifying original tail called the "Ice Queen". There is dancing and singing and when we get to the end what's not to like? The musical numbers are well done for the most part with "Let it Go" being the crowning glory. The characters for the most part are well fleshed out and Disney is starting to learn from pixar mixing its old glory with the new style. The writing is very well done and has a new twist to it adding some adult attention especially with the prince. The animation is beautiful requiring Blue Ray to really do it justice. The sound is well done and you can enjoy this all the way through and of course buy the Soundtrack.
 I'm sorry but does anyone else feel the snowman was an unnecessary character? I felt that it was even less less useful than the trolls. At least the trolls has the whole sage advise angle. I felt that the movie did drag in areas and some of the songs were unnecessary. With these changes I feel that the film would otherwise be near flawless. But in the end we need to take the flaws and "let them go".
In the end this is a fun well done film that all should get to enjoy.

Rating:   8/10

This was the version I got from Amazon which is the Blue Ray + DVD + Digital HD copy

New:    $19.96   Amazon

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