Thursday, March 6, 2014

DVD Movie Review #85 Winter Garden: Di Gi Charat

Hello again and welcome to yet another reviewer's look into the fantastic and surprisingly lovely world of entertainment. Today I am giving the run down on Winter Garden which is a supposed finale to the Di Gi Charat Nyo series. I was lured by the idea of it and that fact I like the original series and had to get hold of this.

This story follows the two heroes of the original series as they have grown up and have moved on. They have discarded their dreams and decided to live out a normal life hoping to eventually take over the family business of running an Inn. (I admit I never got to finish Di Gi Charat Nyo as it never came out fully in the USA but I don't remember this Inn business). Dejiko has gone from being a loud mouthed obnoxious smart ass to a shy, polite and slightly ditzy young woman. She has found love but could she be in store for the ultimate let down?

I though this was an imaginative take on the series. I really never could have seen this coming. The writing was good and I was pulled into the story without issue. The animation was well done and the music was easy to listen to making it enjoyable. The subtle appearance of some of the characters did give me some interest and the series overall is fairly nice.

If you are a fan of the original series you will be disappointed in this. The main character must have been hit on the head or something as she is nothing like the character we all know and love. The series is also nothing like what you have been expecting. The story is somewhat frustrating ending on without full resolution. In the end I do not know where this story came from.

Had this story been a stand alone I would rate this higher. If you are not familiar with the series and like a fairly decent love story this could be the series for you.

Rating:  6/10

I got sentai's initial release but I don't feel this will be re-released so this would be the version to get.

Used:     No Known Used

New:     $14.99

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