Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DVD Movie Review #84 Herculese in New York

Hello again yet again we are back for another fine movie review. This time we do Hercules in New York. This is Arnold's first movie and it comes to be known as a historically bad film. I saw this for $2.99 and said "what the heck" I had to see this film.

This movie is about Hercules who decides he's tired of his father's rules and wants to mouth off and live on earth for a while. His father says no and he decides to go out anyway. He goes around picking fights and doing what he wants eventually hooking up with this scrawny little pretzel vendor forming a strange friendship and earning money off of his ubre muscles. Some of the other gods don't care much for Hercules going around and having a good time and Zeus ain't too happy about it either so they decide to throw a bit of crap into the gears.

I actually liked the music in this series it kind of reminded me of some off Woody Allen comedies. The characters were interesting and I have to admit is was very nice when you see Arnold back when he was called Arnold Sang and had no knowledge about acting (not that he improved much).

You may have noticed that the positives were very short. Well the negatives are not quite as short. Well lets start with the acting if it can indeed be called that. I am reminded of most Woody Allen comedies in this but a lot of the satire is lost when it isn't satire. This is just poor halting acting nothing more nothing less. The costume design is pretty poor it looks like they took bed sheets and a needle for pretty poor work. The story is kind of sad and overused in regards to this character. I must wonder if there was any effort at all to this.

In the end this and pumping iron got Arnold his role as Conan and started things rolling. This is worth a watch but don't expect much even for an Arnold movie.

Rating:   6/10

I have a basic DVD edition pictured below.

Used:     $4.68
New:     $6.74

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