Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DVD Movie Review #99 Journey Quest Season 1

Hello Yet again I am back with another of my wonderful DVD movie reviews. This time I am looking at a web series by Dead Gentlemen called Journey Quest. I had been vaguely interested during the time the Gamers 2 came out. I finally decided to catch up with my indie gamer films like those from Dark Maze, X-Strike and of course Dead Gentlemen.

This is the tale of an adventuring group with a female elven archer, a dumb fighter, a human cleric and a cowardly wizard. The group is trying to save the world getting a massively powerful sword. Due to a run in with orcs and a meddling bard the group lands into something that changes how they see things forever.

I enjoyed the brand of humor here. As a gamer myself there is a lot here for me. When you look at the production cost this is actually very nice when you look at it. Their acting has improved greatly over the years and the music is ok.

The overall is much lower than what most will hope for with low grade special effects and music. The plot is pretty fun but to most who expect higher you will not necessarily love this. This appeals to a limited crowd of people.

In this end this is a fun little series and look forward to the second season.

Rating:  7/10

I got the only DVD release here yay!

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