Friday, March 21, 2014

DVD Movie Review #95 The Dead hate the Living

Hello again and welcome to another fun DVD movie review. This time we cover the movie "The Dead Hate the Living". This movie is one that I thought might be fun as it was only about $1.50 at Movie Stop and it was an ok project as a group of friends of mine named their punk band after the film. Now I have watched it and I can tell what I feel about it.

Well this film starts with a bunch of college students who are using an abandoned hospital for their horror movie film. They of course stumble on a dead body and immediately feel that it would be a good one for their film. Well a little botched resurrection spell and they all start coming back to life and trying to make an army of the dead to kill everyone.

Well the film has a fun B-Movie quality to it. Of course this is a B-Movie and you can tell this from the acting. It is a decent fright fest with the zombies killing everyone. I feel that the location is pretty creepy and thought he music is cheap it is still pretty good.

I donno the plot is pretty lame and the acting pretty much sucks. The Makeup is bad with you being able to see where the lines are on the prosthetic. There is a supposed love story in this somewhere but I have to admit it is pretty much lost in the bad film feeling I get. The predictable course of the film aslo doesn't help much in this case.

In the end this is a cheap horror romp feel free to try and enjoy.

Rating:  6/10

This is the plane DVD version.

Used:     $4.35

New:     $8.37

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