Sunday, March 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #93 Bob Roberts

Hello fellow voters and welcome to a political DVD review. This time I am watching Bob Roberts which was originally put up by a friend of mine when we did our movie exchange. This was a cultural exchange if you will of two movie collectors trying to show off films in each other's collections that we feel much be shown. He had me see this film and I was very much impressed. When I saw this for $1.50 at Movie Stop I had to get hold of it.

This is a mockumentary of sorts that follows a Candidate for Senate Bob Roberts as he brings his unique lean on campaigning, folk singing. Bob is obviously a conservative much in the same vein as Glen Beck or that ilk. It takes a view of some of the corruption on the campaign trail as well as some of the issues with media unfairness. This is a unique level into politics.

This movie is a disturbing tail for all who watch it. Bob is a very scary guy or a wonderful advocate for freedom. There acting in this is superb and it is sad that we didn't see more award talk for this one. Anyone looking at this with an open mind can see that it can lean both ways even though this is done as a left leaning film. There were plenty of scenes where you had the media being overly harsh to Bob just due to his right wing beliefs. There are obvious scandals with both candidates and either could have truth behind them but neither is proven. The gem in this movie is the soundtrack. Anyone who like folk music will be impressed by the soundtrack here. The soundtrack is not readily available due to the lead actors wishes that they not be utilized for political action. They are very much far right wing beliefs expressed in the songs and well..the lead actor really didn't want to be associated with those beliefs. The Costume design is beautiful I feel that Bob Roberts is the first real Tea Party Member long before the movement started. Last but not least I enjoyed seeing a young thin Jack Black it brought a new prospective on the actor for me.

This movie is quite dark and kind of leaves you with an empty feeling in the end. I feel that there is a sad pessimism about it and a feeling of hopelessness for this country. I feel that some of the actors like Alan Rickman were a tad underused as I always hate to see obvious talent not utilized.

In the end I feel this is a must see and would recommend that anyone who is thinking of not voting in an election needs to see this film.

Rating: 9/10

I have the DVD of this release. I was told that it was rare but they definitely had a lot of copies at the Movie Stop*.

Used:    $4.24

New:    $5.98

*Now some people may ask why I don't utilize Movie Stops Website when I have gotten such good deals from the store. I don't trust them as I have ordered from them multiple times and they have not sent many of the items that I ordered. Please be careful when utilizing  

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