Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #89 Shadow People

Hello again I am back to bring you a new review from the vast vault that is my movie collection. As per the rules I have recently watched this and it is in my collection. this movie I watched on netflix originally and was interested but decided not to do much. I bought a movie from Wetmovie1 in a set of films that interested me for a good price. This was a cheap blue ray and I am interested in it for my collection.

This stars a night radio host who is running his dead time radio show until he gets an unusual caller who reports seeing shadows and eventually killing himself. This evolves into a mystery/horror/documentary linking to a sleep study in the 1950s with bazaar finding or two to look into.

I thought this was pretty imaginative it felt one part horror and one part documentary. This film had a suitable creepiness to it with realistic effects and some nice scares. The music is ok for this and the color scheme is drab yet works very well for this film.

I cannot really say that I loved this film. There are parts that are a bit of a yawn fest and this does give me pause. I am also not impressed with the acting as it doesn't feel believable somehow. In the end while I think that the style of mixed documentary/horror is creative it also is quite confusing.

In the end this is a creative horror but nothing to write home about if you get it cheap pick it up and enjoy.

Rating:   6/10

I have the Blue Ray Version and it has some nice features it is worth looking at if you want this film.

Used:     $7.18     Amazon Marketplace
New:     $10.23   Ebay

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