Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DVD Movie Review #98 Arakawa Under the Bridge 2

Hello and welcome back true believers to my next DVD movie review. This time I am doing the second half of the Arakawa series from NIS America. This series had my attention as it looked strange and it continues to be strange in the second half. I am OCD so when I have one half I have to get the other and this is bad when it comes to NIS America and even worse if the series is from Aniplex.

This story follows a very successful young man fresh out of college and already at the start of the business world. he unfortunately falls off of a bridge and is saved by a strange young lady named Nino. Hating having to be in debt to anyone he insists on trying to find a way to pay her back. She tells him then he needs to become her lover (keep in mind to Nino she doesn't understand what a lover is) and stay with her living under the bridge. Our friend quickly finds out that Nino thinks that she is from Venus and lives with a host of mentally unstable river dwellers. The story continues this season round with Nino's parents communicating that they want to take her back and they quickly go through the process of preparation.

This is a fun series filled with colorful characters. I really enjoy the writing here as it is suitably insane and even with that the characters have depth to therm making you want to learn more about them. The voice acting is good though only in Japanese. The color and action are very well done making this a nice series to see on Blue Ray. The music is good I really enjoy the opening and ending themes here with some of them done visually in live action and experimental art style. In the end this is a good series to watch.

I feel that there was no real plot development here. I was kind of frustrated as it seemed to start a storyline and then left it hanging in favor of just returning to the random comedy that the series is primarily made up of. I feel that this places the series a rung below the first one.

Still overall I enjoy this series and it is worth getting.

Rating:  7/10

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