Saturday, March 15, 2014

DVD Movie Review #92 Fatal Attraction

Hello again and welcome back to my DVD movie review. Today I am handling a great little movie that is called Fatal Attraction. You know I've actually never seen this film before. I had it on my list for the longest time and then ran across the blue ray at movie stop for a pretty darn good price. Well after my girlfriend told me "you need to see this" we plugged it in the PS3 and away we went into the world of madness and jealousy.

This film stars Michael Douglas who plays an unhappily married man bored with his current life. He looks for some excitement in the bed of Glenn Close a businesswoman from his job. Well they get freaky and then things become freaky when he tries to go back to living his normal life again. The thrills and chills are there leaving you telling yourself. "I will never cheat on my wife ever"

This movie is a classic to be sure being nominated for multiple academy awards. The acting in it is to notch with Glenn Close playing Borderline personality disorder right to the hilt. I work with quite a few Borderline patients so I know what I'm talking about. The action feels very real and you find yourself on the edge of your seat nervous for the family. The makeup is and costume design fits the film and the characters especially the way they dress the two female leads. In the end I am glad I got to see this.

The film does feel a tad outdated in values showing the evils of the working woman as opposed to the dedicated live in wife. I also have to wonder about the music. I felt at times like they just had a guy on a keyboard pounding out the notes. Be that as it may these don't pull away from the movie too badly.

In the end this is a must see movie for any collector or movie geek.

Rating: 7/10

I have the Blue Ray edition as seen below.

Used:     $8.84   Amazon Marketplace

New:     $9.98

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