Saturday, January 25, 2014

DVD Movie Review #36 Hare + Guu

Hello yet again this is the DVD movie review. Today's subject is the Anime series Hare + Guu. This is a series I have wanted for a while and then finally I caught a break on it getting it a tad more cheaply than it normally goes for.

This is the story of young Hare who lives in the jungle with his lazy alcoholic mother. One day his mother brings home a little girl named Guu who changes their lives forever. Guu's antics are strange at best and evil at the worst. Hare interacts with the interesting characters that live in the jungle but must find a way to control the strangeness that Guu creates in order to try and have a happy normal life.

I really enjoy this type of series. It is a fun comedy anime with a delightful cast of characters. The themes are fun to listen to. I enjoyed the story pretty much until the end and it tried to gain get more serious as the story wound down yet still has that strange feeling that can be fun if you have a slightly twisted sense of humor. I think the voice acting is very good on the English dub (sorry for you purists out there but I cannot rate subs unless it is the quality of the translation).

I felt that the animation was a tad rough at times but it is something that can be overlooked. The story is a fun one that is chaotic and for the most part without story but they try to become a little serious in the end which does kind of make it feel a tad rushed.

In the end this is a very entertaining ride that I hope everyone eventually gets to enjoy.

Rating:  8/10

I managed to obtain the box set released by Bang Zoom! This is a solid box and comes with a chest hair wig for fun :). This is out of print though so the price remains quite high.

New:     $183.94   Amazon Marketplace
Used:     $79.99    ebay

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