Sunday, January 5, 2014

DVD Movie Review #41 The Conjouring

Greetings yet again from all of your friendly little DVD reviewer. This time I am reviewing a nice little Black Friday purchase "The Conjuring". I mean getting this for close to $5 was a steal on blue-ray. I really enjoyed this film watching it after it came out and it is very much worth a few bucks to see it in high def when you want to.

Ok so here's the deal. We have two groups. One is a husband and wife who are paranormal investigators and ghost busters the other is a nice family that has settled into a new home. The new home unfortunately is haunted by a very evil demon and some creepy ghosts that require the services of the first group and here we go with a nice creepy haunted house/exorcism story.

You know this is an interesting and it is based on a true story though in truth many of those things are hard to believe but hey I'm one for suspending disbelief. The acting in this film is very much suited to the task. The great thing about this film is the scare factor. You have many moments where you have the creepy atmosphere (I mean why would you want a museum of haunted items in your house?) The lighting and the scenery as well as other effects are very nice and the plot and scripting was quality.

Of course in the end this film does have a few back points being that it is a horror movie and it does have some low ends. There are parts of this film that do drag a tad bit and I feel that they spend a bit much time trying to explain themselves. I believe in a horror film you really don't have to go any farther than there is a nasty demon in the house.

In the end this is probably one of the creepiest films I've seen since Paranormal activity came out it is definitely worth a view.

Rating:  8/10

The version I have of this is the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD copy. I got it for a good price maybe you will as well.

Used:     $11.99     ebay
New:     $14.99     ebay stores

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