Sunday, January 26, 2014

DVD Movie Review #37 Hare + Guu Deluxe

Hello yet again we are here for the DVD movie update. This time we have the first sequel series to Hare + Guu called Hare + Guu Deluxe. This was all they released of the series in the united states but that's ok I enjoyed what I have of it. The good thing is that my ebay set came with it included so that is a nice and enjoyable purchase.

If you want a basic summary please see my last review of the main series. This one takes up just after they get back to the jungle and they have to deal with a whole new group of characters. This series continues the tradition of craziness such as with the last one yet is slightly shorter coming in at a grand total of 12 epsiodes or 6 if condense them as they are in the set.

Well what I liked about the last series is very much present there. This one also of course tries to end on a semi serious note. The voice acting again is appropriate and all the characters are fun. I really like the opening and ending animations here as well as the songs that go with them they are fun and worth enjoying each time. If you enjoy this type of twisted comedy you will enjoy this series.

Well again the same issues are present in the animation maybe a bit worse on the little bit of computer animation that they did. I feel that the level of chaos in this series is above what many people would like to tolerate so this can be a hard sell to some people. The story is episodic and the overall story line doesn't hold together well. Keep these in mind if you attempt this.

In the end I would compare this to series such as Kodocha and Bobobo making it a pretty odd ball series.

Rating:  8/10

Again I got these as a bundle package but am including the prices for volume 1 & 2

Volume 1
New:     $30.97   Amazon Marketplace
Used:    $17.98
Volume 2
New:     $10.98    Amazon Marketplace
Used:     $11.45

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