Sunday, January 5, 2014

DVD Movie Review #42 Despicable Me 2

Yay back again with another review. This Despicable me was a very fun film so of course I went to theaters for the second one loved it and had to get it on Blueray as soon as it came out. Now I have gotten to enjoy it yet again.

We see our beloved characters well established in the community and our favorite super villain has yet again been thrown into the troubles of balancing the chore of keeping up with 3 little girls and trying to deal with recruitment in a secret superhero organization. Our hero with the help of the playful child-like minions go on yet another daring adventure.

I love these films. The minions are in my opinion the reason to see them as their antics make the film. The animation if very good as should be expected from dream works.  This film itself has a nice simple plot that resonates well with children. The characters are fun and well designed with the new female love interest included. The voice acting is spot on and the total package is a light and funny fun film that can be readily enjoyed.

In the end of course I feel that the animation is a little lower quality than pixar. The story is of course pretty simple and yes it is aimed at children so if you are expecting a complex wonderful plot device hidden here and there then please see something else. The Music here is nothing special and though this story is different from the first one it is not something that screams academy award.

Well in the end we don't get an academy award winner here but we have a fun film for all ages to enjoy.

Rating:  8/10

I got hte Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD combo

Used:     $25.75 Amazon UK Marketplace
New:     $23.97  Amazon Marketplace

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