Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DVD Movie Review #59 Maria Holic Alive

I am back again with yet another magic review from my DVD vault. This time it is Maria Holic Alive which is the second season of the Maria Holic series. I of course had to obtain this in order to complete the series. I really enjoyed this series when I watched it as an unlicensed fan sub on my old as dirt computer. So let's get rolling :)

This series starts Kanako who is a transfer into a prestigious Catholic Private Girls School. Her parents fell in love there and married and she is hoping to do the same. The difference in this is that Kanako hates men and hopes to land a nice sexy high school girl as her life partner for her perverted dreams. Unfortunately for her she managed to uncover the star Freshman Maria's little secret...Maria is a man disguised as a woman! Maria hence has decided to use her power and influence to keep an eye on Kanako and make her school years a living hell.

I really enjoy this series the quirky humor is very intelligent and a tad raunchy at the same time making for an odd but fun combination. The colors are nice and vibrant and the sound if very nice fitting the series well. The voice acting is good though I haven't gotten the version that this with the english dub so I cannot be the judge of that one. The opening and ending themes are entertaining with fun animations so you don't quickly get bored with them. Overall it is a fun and entertaining series.

The big down side is the same with the first part of this series and that is the comedy style may be a bit off putting. The stories can move fast and for people not used to this type they may be lost. The slight raunchiness of this series is the other potential problem. One you have to be familiar with the japanese way of doing things and two you have to have a slightly perverted mind to very much enjoy.

In the end this is a fun anime but not one for beginners.

Rating:   7/10

I have the regular dvd version of the series though Sentai is doing a deal this year where you can trade in for the blu ray versions.

Used:     $37.58    Amazon Marketplace
New:     $23.94    Amazon Marketplace

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