Friday, January 17, 2014

DVD Movie Review #52 Fairy Tail Volume 7

Hello again. I am here with another DVD movie review. Today I am reviewing Fairy Tail Volume 7. I have been collecting this series for a time now and was very very happy that they decided to keep going with it. Volume 8 is out this Spring by the way :)

This volume continues the story from the earlier part of the series which involves a guild of wizards that go on adventures to gain money and do good in the world. This part of the story this time involves a zany foot race between guild members and the start of a large story arc where the guild members have to save their friends but they have to do so without magic making the effort even greater.

I really do get into this series. The animation and art style are pretty colorful and smooth in the action scenes. The sound quality is very good and the dubbing is very good matching the characters well. The story is well written even giving me a slight tear up now and again.

The art style is a little lower grade than I hoped. It is rougher than I would like with the characters coming across as a tad lanky and the women being a tad top heavy. A series this long unfortunately has a tendency to end on a cliff hanger making it unfortunate.

Rating:     8/10

This is the Blue-Ray + DVD combo pack that is pretty much standard release for the series if you want it as it comes out.

Used:     $34.99     Ebay  
New:     $37.03     Ebay

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