Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DVD Movie Review #50 BullSh*t Season 8

Hello yet again I am here to work on yet again another review. I was very very happy when I got this for Christmas as I hadn't been wiling to spend the money on it. This of course finishes the series for me as I have seasons 1-7 and I was fortunate to come back yet again revisiting this series.

Season 8 is pretty much standard to the course where our sarcastic and funny magicians take various areas of our society and show how messed up they really are. They are libertarian in their view points so this is the easiest way to get where they are coming from on each point. The dangers of cheer leading or the mistreatment of the elderly they cover it all this season and do so in a mouthy yet funny way.

The brand of humor is very fun and you can get a large amount of enjoyment out of this if you are ok with the language. They do their research and if you keep an open mind this series can be quite fun. Season 8 isn't a lot different from the others so you may want to keep this in mind the format is pretty much where they give you a run down of what they are going to bash then they proceed to shred it as best they know how using magic and humor along the way.

Their harsh presentation is not for everyone. The language is vulgar and there is a lot of nudity in this show that could be deemed as offensive and at times unnecessary. Their views as I said above are libertarian so most people will not agree with them part of the time so there are episodes where you may want to throw something at the screen.

In the end if you can keep an open mind and are willing to agree to disagree at times this show is fun all the way through to the end I suggest giving it a good try.

Rating: 7/10

I had the standard and only version of this season which comes in your standard dvd case.

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