Thursday, January 23, 2014

DVD Movie Review #55 South Park Season Sixteen

Hello I am back with another review. I got a nice gift card for Christmas and bought my South Park when I usually buy my South Park at the $15 mark. I am pleased with this series thus far and the next season will be fun.

South Park is an animated series about a group of little boys growing up in a red neck mountain town. In this season we have a few other over the top ideas such as taking on Honey Boo Boo and of course bracelet causes. Let's of course not forget the return of Mickey Mouse in the season finale.

South Park has always been unique and funny and this season is no different. The plots are thought provoking and quite entertaining. The voice acting is versatile though. The music and animation style have improved greatly after season one and in the end this is still a series that has staying power.

South Park continues to have a downfall of being hit or miss with their views being hard to peg at times. At the end of the finale for instance with the insistence the the president stole the election or that people no longer care about DVD or Blu Ray format movies. You have to have a little bit of a thick skin for the series and of course the over the top sometimes gross nature of it such as Cartman wrestling Honey Boo Boo in a pool of baked spaghetti.

In the end South Park is what you make of it. Enjoy it or not it is always up to you in the end.

Rating:     7/10

I got the standard DVD release. Though the animation is better it is not so good as to need Blue-Ray treatment

Used:     $17.50     Ebay
New:     $17.88     Ebay

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