Saturday, January 4, 2014

DVD Movie Review #40 Gingerdead Man 3 Saturday Night Cleaver

Hello again let's get back to the next in my line of reviews. This time we are doing Gingerdead Man 3 Saturday Night Cleaver. I am a collector and I really enjoyed this bad movie series. I can't seem to get enough of this genre. If you like these movies please look into the upcoming release of Gingerdead man vs. Evil bong coming out in January and in select theaters now. If you like my blogs please make sure that you share these reviews.

Well we are back with the Gingerdead Man again but this time he's in a special prison for evil pastries. He manages to escape and use a time machine to travel back to the time of disco. Of course this time the senseless slaughter begins with nothing but a bunch of roller skating kids and a strange psychic Carrie clone to stop him.

I really didn't realize that a movie that doesn't take itself seriously could managed to top itself by taking itself even less seriously. I love the cheesy movie shout outs that are placed within showing at lease some skill in the writing. The effects show a greater improvement on the past movies adding computer animation. This does have the feel of the era which just adds to the cheesy nature of the film. The gags are fun and even more crazy than the previous films. This is a very fun romp into the bad horror franchise.

Of course this is a very bad film much like the others in that the acting is terrible and the other qualities are pretty poor. The writing has some cleaver nature to it in spoofing he genre yet otherwise has a very poor overall quality. Even though there was a very much better it still reflects the poor funding. The story has about a million and a half holes in it but if you are a bad horror junky as I am you learn to forgive them. Again these are not for the serious drama film viewer.

In the end this is a great sequel in a set of bad cheesy horror films.

Rating:  7/10

The edition I have is the regular DVD release there is not a lot of extras.

New:     $5.42
Used:    $3.74

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