Thursday, January 9, 2014

DVD Movie Review #44 Ruin Explorers

Yet again we are back with another DVD update. I am covering the brief series Ruin Explorers today. This series has been on my mind for some time as it was released in the 90s and I was just getting into anime when it originally came up. Maiden Japan did a fairly cheap re-release and I had to finally pounce on it.

Ruin Explorers follows two..well Ruin Explorers call Fam and Ihrie they are both magic users but Ihrie is cursed to turn into a mouse whenever she casts a spell and Fam doesn't tend to cast spells right. They stumble upon the key to the ultimate power which they would gladly try and get hold of along with a cast of colorful characters such as a valiant prince, a greedy female sorcerer, a sword fighter and a merchant. They work to take on evil and save the world.

Ruin explorers is a classic 90s fantasy anime. It is kind of sad that it only runs for 4 episodes. The animation style if pretty crisp and clear with a pretty nice dub cast though I admit Fam's voice is a little annoying. The Music is good and appropriate to the time. The story is standard fantasy fair keeping you interested in the characters throughout.

Ruin explorers does kind of suffer from the 90s dated music and some annoying voice acting. The story while interesting is not really that original. That aside really and truly that's all the bad I have on this one.

In the end this is a pleasant yet brief fantasy anime fantasy romp. If you like anime like slayers you will like this one.

Rating: 7/10

The edition I got was as stated the Maiden Japan version that was released in August.

Used:    $11.98   Ebay
New:    $7.99

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